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our next la* is Metro’s multi-year effort to shape the future of transportation and access in LA County, and update Metro’s
Long Range Transporation PlanLong Range Transporation Plan, last adopted in 2009.

The updated plan will be a 30-year blueprint for spending future transportation dollars to:

  • Operate and maintain Metro’s current and planned system
  • Continue to deliver on commitments from the 2009 Long Range Transportation Plan
  • Identify any potential new initiatives based on updated priorities

This involves an iterative, phased approach according to the following roadmap:

Phased approach graphic

Phase 1 – Listening

In the first phase of this process, we collected surveys and visited communities all over the county to develop a baseline understanding. We then organized what we heard into five broad categories of focus. These have helped determine priorities for our plan.

Man With Flowers
Our Next LA Post-it Board

Phase 2 – Prioritizing

The second phase involved confirming the priorities we heard. In this stage, we asked stakeholders to vote on the five broad categories of focus developed at the end of Phase 1 – and to add anything we may have missed.

Post-It Board
Post-It Boards with people

Phase 3 – Evaluating

In the third phase, we analyzed investment scenarios based on your priorities. These scenarios include potential funding allocations based on constraints and allow us to see the potential future benefits of each.

Phase 4 – Reviewing

The fourth and final phase is the recommended Long Range Transporation PlanLong Range Transporation Plan. This will be a draft plan, incorporating input gathered via the process outlined above, and offered for community feedback.

From there, a final plan will be adopted. This is targeted for fall 2020.

*By LA, we mean all stakeholders across LA County, including all 88 cities, hundreds of neighborhoods, and anyone affected by travel and transportation investment in LA County during the coming decades.

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